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Farming Runs In Our Family

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

“A farm policy can be as comprehensive or as basic as you’d like it to be.”

Life in the Pacific Northwest has been defined by farming for as long as human’s have populated the region. Farming has changed and evolved over time, but it remains a backbone of our beautiful slice of the nation. Pacific Rim Agency is proud to say that “Farming runs in our family.”

From the very inception of Pacific Rim Agency right through to this very day protecting the livelihood of farmers has been one of the key missions of the company. But covering farms that are as diverse of the people of the Pacific Northwest requires expertise, experience, and a constant effort to stay on top of an ever-changing insurance landscape.

“A farm policy can be as comprehensive or as basic as you’d like it to be,” according to Caleb Runyan, Owner and License Agent of Pacific Rim Agency. You can cover every outbuilding, every tool, every machine, every fence post OR you can choose to cover only the most expensive and hard to replace assets.

Farmers in the Pacific Northwest have Christmas Tree Farms, Cherry Orchards, Herds of Cattle, Dairy Farms, Hazelnut Farms, Berry Farms, Poultry Farms, Grass Seeds Farms, Wheat Farms, and so much more. To understand what is essential to each farm and to provide the right coverage and insurance agent needs to get a comprehensive look at the property. This can be accomplished by getting a video or picture tour, but even better by meeting the farmer on the property to walk around and see things in-person. During an on-site visit the seasoned professional insurance agent will work with the farmer and family to help understand their needs and the potential evolving needs of their farm. By spending the time to talk, walk, and observe the agent is able to offer a variety of options and help the farmer make the most informed decision.

There are many decisions that a farmer needs to make when determining who to select as their insurance agent and what type of coverage to consider. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • You can cover each exposure such as: livestock, crops, farm tours, workers, equipment, etc.

  • You can cover these unique exposures even if you have one, some, or all of them on the same farm

  • Your farmhouse or farm home can be covered under most farm policies

  • All trailers need be covered under a separate auto policy

  • Understand exactly which assets are being protected and which aren’t

"No matter the coverage you need, we are here to help."

There are many oddities and unique situations to consider when evaluating different coverage options. Caleb thought one of the most unique options some farmers should consider is Foreign Object Coverage. If you’ve never heard of it (and trust us, you’re not alone if that’s the case) Foreign Object Coverage protects equipment like your combine if a rock where to enter in and cause chaos. It’s a protection you may or may not know if you actually have, but one you might be exceptionally grateful for some day.

Farmers are essential to our country, today, just as they were many, many years ago. Making sure they have the protection they need at an affordable rate is a rewarding, challenging, and worthwhile endeavor. Ask your trusted insurance provider to do a complimentary review of your policy and make sure your herd, crop, and entire farm has the level of protection your farm deserves.

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